Essency provides you with an
external head of communications

We give expert advice on all facets of a 360-degree communication strategy. We are ready and able to address any communication issue that you may encounter.

  • Press relations: building a press strategy and nurturing relationships with journalists across the globe.
  • Digital oversight: designing websites, managing social media, setting up a creative content strategy, as well as forming ambitious video projects.
  • Editorial management: defining editorial guidelines and creating new and original content.
  • Events: setting up both small-scale and large-scale events for institutional investors, CEOs, journalists, and employees.
  • Internal communications: developing communications within a company that strengthen employees’ involvement and engagement with their firm.

Marie-Claire Martin

Marie-Claire Martin offers more than 20 years of experience in the realm of private equity communication mainly at Idinvest Partners (now Eurazeo). She has mastered all aspects of communication, from the creation of a communication strategy to its implementation and development. Her expertise spans press relations, digital oversight (working with websites, videos and social media), as well as editorial management, events and internal communication.

Throughout her career, Marie-Claire has met and worked closely with a large variety of Private Equity leaders and talented CEOs, allowing her to see communication from an array of different angles and develop a high degree of adaptability. She has a global outlook, evidenced by her work with press agencies abroad, as well as in France.

Marie-Claire is convinced that communication must be simple and efficient. She especially values the truth and believes strongly in its transmission via a clear and concise communication strategy.

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